Sunday, 21 July 2013


Here is a gallery of articles Unique Lamps Designs with 10 Cool Ideas. We hope you can be inspired and get benefit.

The light remained the same in recent decades, of course, there are many improvements and innovations in technology and LED lights as energy saving.

Unique Contemporary Fluorescent Lamps With Extraordinary Shapes Coral by Pallucco - Here is a sample design is composed of lights and floor lamps, ceiling and fluorescent desk.

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Here is a gallery of articles Unique Lamps Designs with 10 Cool Ideas. We hope you can be inspired and get benefit, because the purpose of » House Ideas, Home Reference.

The Gold And Brown Wooden Floor Lamps With Unique Shape image that we inserted bellow, was a cool and also fantastic design.

Having one of these simply would not suffice - their interactivity, either in proximity or at a distance, has huge potential for animating interior spaces and creating virtual, every-changing stories out of inanimate objects.

Already two decades of experience in the design of a unique character of a discipline that is applied so as to create some designs of recycling and uniquely memorable.

I have met creative lamp inspired by so much things surround us that we can’t expect before, lamp looks like women’s shape, lamp inspired by cup of coffee.

A lamp that is creative enough and bright s you want.

The modern Vivarini Giraffe and Zebra collections of Murano glass lamps are perfect for creating a relaxed safari feel in your home. Formia brings us these abstract lamps with a bold appeal that isn’t, however, overbearing.
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Unique floor lamps are popular not only because of their extraordinary designs but also because of their various functions.  Deviating from the typical tall and straight bases with standard shades.

The 'cirrata' lamp series by swedish designer Markus Johansson, inspired by the shape of sea creatures octopus. Design unique lamps made of wood that impressive.

Unique house lights to your interior design, a very creative imagination. Lamp looks like water flowing from the faucet. With white light color, looks so natural in the darkness of night.

Lamp could be design in my shape and style, some of design could be inspired by form of animal, Inveno Design Studio has create a modern lamp design that inspires by octopus and named as The Octopus Lamps.

Creating a lamp in the shape of a wine bottle? Why not? Luce Liquida lamps by Italian lighting company In-Es is simple, smart and stylish. The fixtures are made of a unique material ‘nebulite’, giving it a very organic, Moon-like textured look.

One would immediately thing there is something funny going on with the cording of these lamps however a carefully placed diffuser on the top part of the shade makes the suspension wire appear almost invisible

impression looks on a lamp that designed by STC Studio for Cattelan Italy. The oversize head of the pendant that made from a metallic reflect a modern lamp. Calimero, name for this lamp, is available in a ceiling lamp, floor lamp and Abat-Jour.

lamp design high fashion style. Various models have been introduced by many companies, if the fans may love this contemporary lamp design, which is run by Quasar .

Unique Lamp Designs, These lamps are perfect choice who love colorfully and unique lamp designs.
The modern good looking lamp will be an amazing decoration for your guest room or bedroom and a good light source due to its bright lighting and mirror base.